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Auto Bodies,  Chassis,  Tractors,  Boats,  Airplanes,  Mowers,  Construction Equipment
Soda Blasting is a safe way to remove rust, paint and other coatings without damaging glass, rubber, fiberglass, metal, chrome and wiring
Triumph TR- 6
65 Corvette :  "Survivor"
Chassis, suspension and front end parts are easily cleaned
Pump After
Corvette After
Corvette Before
Pump  Before
Race Car After
T Bird: Stripping around chrome logo
Tractor After
Painted Wheel Soda Blasted
Boat Trailer Soda Blasted
Soda Blasted Chevy
Soda Blasted Chevy
Corvette emblem soda blasted
Aluminium Trailer Side Panels before
Aluminium Trailer being Soda Blasted