,meta name="description="content="RTD Refurbishing does the most difficult and tedious part of furniture refinishing which is stripping paint and finish from furniture so that it may be refinished or repainted. Let us do the hard work for you economically and save you a lot of time and frustration."> Wood and Metal furniture stripping

Welcome to RTD Refurbishing
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RTD Refurbishing Gallery
Here are some examples of items we can refurbish
Weathered oak bench
Antique Wagon Wheel
Metal Outdoor Chairs
Round Wood
Weathered Teak chair
Soda Blasted
Stripping Walnut Book Case
Stripping oak doors fire damaged
Stripping walnut dining table
Rusty metal outdoor furniture Soda Blasted
Rusty metal step stool soda blasted
Soda Blasted and finished with Spar Urethane
Table to the left before stripping and finishing