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 Marine Paint stripping as you know is a lot of trouble and grief when dealing with sanding and chemical paint stripping. We utilize the Soda Blasting Process. It has some great advantages over the older methods.

 It does not damage the gel coat, fiberglass, hard woods or metal
 No harsh chemicals are used. Eco-friendly Bio Degradable
 It is less labor intensive.
 Soda Blasting is much more efficient and economical.
 It can be done on site with minimal clean up or in our facility.
 Blisters are exposed and can then be repaired

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            Any type of boat   Any size of boat
Wood, Fiberglass, Metal, Concrete, Carbon Fiber
The bottom on a typical 30 foot fiberglass or wooden boat would roughly cost in a range of $1600 to $1800 and be done in 6 to 8 hours.
These Boats need our help
Soda Blasting Perfect for Chris Crafts
We are mobile and contain the blast material
Soda Blasting is perfect
for any wood boat
Merc outdrive stripped
Thick hard paint being blasted