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Fire Damage Remediation
​   We often significantly reduce the overall cost of reconstruction by saving the replacement of much structural lumber, especially with basement and attic fires. We can remove the "alligatoring"  char
on joists and beams instead of replacing them.

   Our process physically removes the smoke damage. The soda captures it, it falls to the floor and it is swept up and taken to the dumpster. It is removed and not covered up. Often, a light coat of pigmented shellac can be applied as further "insurance".
We are a Veteran Owned family business
Fire damaged garage floor before blasting
​Our experiences with Soda Blasting on Fire Restoration projects is that a very SIGNIFICANT amount of wood is torn out that does not need to be removed. It is much cheaper to clean it than the labor and materials to replace it. It is a good business practice.

When everything is returned to new walls and furniture, the potential lingering smoke smell is something that will not happen,  if it was removed. The removal of the smoke damage is "insurance" that the problem is removed, not just covered up
Smoke damage removal from stone fireplace
Smoke damage removal from rafters
Smoke damage removal from rafters
Smoke damage removal from rafters By Soda Blasting
Smoke damage removal from oak doors
Smoke damage removal from Kitchen fire
Smoke damage removal from Olathe High School
We are fully licensed and insured

We do excellent work and are looking for long term relationships

We leave the job site cleaner than when we arrived.
Removal of heavy char on timber by Soda Blasting
Removal of heavy char on timber by Soda Blasting
Soda Blasting Smoke damage in attic
Church Ceiling before soda blasting
Church Ceiling after soda blasting
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