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Rusty Engine Head after soda blasting
Cleaned Head before/after
soda blasting
Many Body Shops, Machine Shops, and Auto Restoration companies use soda blasting on a daily basis, as they have discovered soda can achieve better results than using solvents, dip tanks, and other types of abrasives. 
Aluminium heads and blocks are specially well suited.
Baking Soda does not cause any embedment issues, as it simply washes away prior to repainting.
Soda will not harm aluminum or magnesium parts. Hairline cracks are exposed.
Exterior engines cleaned without removing wiring
Heads cleaned without removing valves
Transmissions cleaned internally without chemicals
Engine blocks and piston sleeves cleaned safely
Rocker Assemblies cleaned to perfection
Chassis and front end parts refurbished
Hairline cracks are exposed,  not peened over
Lower Control Arm from large
 van Soda Blasted
Rusty Engine Head before soda blasting

 Wisconsin Tractor head before and after being soda blasted
Engine Blocks after Blasting
Engine parts Soda Blasted
Engine block after soda blasting
Head with rockers after
soda blasting
Crankshaft After
soda blasting
Bottom of block after soda blasting
Oil Pan after Soda Blasting
Hi-Rise Header after blasting
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