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Our process will safely remove paint and other finishes from any hard surface without degrading or harming the hard wood, all metals, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, stone, brick, masonry and more

We are your UN-Painter. Take a tour of our videos that show actual stripping.  Soda Blasting is a unique process. If power spraying does not do the job and sandblasting will damage your unit, we are the perfect answer to your job. Chemical stripping is very aggravating, messy. We are very Eco-Friendly and use only baking soda under very high pressure. 
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Serving the 
Kansas City Area
TR 6 : Paint stripped
Boat Trailer:  Paint stripped
Corvette: Paint Stripping
Graffiti on Brick Soda Blasted
Antique Gas Pump:  Paint stripped
Oak Bench: Refurbished
Weathered Wood Soda Blasted
T-Bird Logo: Auto Paint Stripping
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Fire Extinguisher Soda Blasted
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Aluminum Wheels Soda Blasted
Smoke damaged oak doors
School Bus Soda Blasted
       Soda Blasting Trailer Wheels
        ( Time lapse )
Graffiti on Brick Soda Blasted
Call:  Ray  816-872-4877
or Dan 816-820-8535
Bronze Statue soda blasted
( Wheels can be soda blasted with tire on rim )
Heavy Char damage removed
 with Soda blasting
Paint removed from Deck
Soot damaged removed from rafters
smoke soda blasted from limestone
Paint removed from glazed tile
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Coca Cola Cooler Soda Blasted
Smoke damaged limestone fireplace
Soda Blasting weathered teak chair
Teak chair arm soda blasted